Scaff-Rig's Special Operations Scaffolding is our core element of providing engineered access across a multitude of sectors. Scaff-Rig provides its own design and construct certified temporary access to allow its clients to utilise all of our product range from light to heavy duty applications.

Our expertise in scaffolding operations includes:

• Drop and Suspended Scaffolding
• Canti Levered Scaffolding
• Spurred Scaffolding
• Bridge Truss and Superstructure Access
• Bridge Pier, Pile and Headstock Access
• Wharf Pier, Pile and Headstock Access
• Pipeline and Aqueduct Access
• Barge Hire
• Encapsulation and Water Containment
• Advanced Scaffolding Labour Hire
• Scaffolding Consultation

Scaff-Rig also can also provide its clients use of its marine fleet including both wet and dry hire for flat bottom work punts, heavy duty construction barges and specialist rescue boat operators for all over water projects.