Since 2006, Scaff-Rig’s insurance division has been carrying out roof maintenance scaffolding and full perimeter access for disaster hit areas effected by roof loss and structural damage from cyclonic events .

Scaff-Rig provides several options for access requirements based upon a fixed rate inclusive of supply, transport, installation and dismantle of scaffolding and ten day hire period. Our insurance access solutions include:

• Full or partial perimeter access
• Top working platform set below gutter line
• Multiple scaffolding lifts
• Stair or ladder access bays
• Overhead roof encapsulation and weather protection

Since 2006 Scaff-Rig has been involved in numerous insurance operations spanning across Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Our areas of operations have included:

• 2006 – Innisfail and surrounding areas
• 2007 – Lismore and surrounding areas
• 2008 – Blackwater and surrounding areas
• 2008 / 2009 – Northern Suburbs of Brisbane
• 2010 / 2011 – Innisfail and surrounding areas