Scaff-Rig is a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week Professional Scaffolding, Cranes and Rigging Services providing specialist engineered access for our clients.

With over 35 years experience, Scaff-Rig is family run business spanning two generations committed to providing our clients certified, compliant and cost effective access solutions.

Our services provide a turn key solution for scaffolding, cranes and rigging for our clients operating in numerous sectors including:

• Government and Private Enterprise
• Bridgework Access
• Rail Corridor Access
• Conveyor Access
• Dams, Pipelines and Aqueducts
• Water Reservoir and Tank Access
• Falsework, Propping and Shoring Access
• Abrasive blasting and painting
• Lead Removal and Encapsulation
• Marine and Aviation Access
• Mining and Shutdowns
Structural Consultation

As part of our services to our clients, Scaff-Rig offers a comprehensive design and construct solution to incorporate safety, efficiency and cost saving measures to enable our clients for be on time and on budget. Our submissions include:

• Detailed site analysis / inspection
• Ongoing design consultation
• Certified construction issued plans
• Comprehensive quotations including a list of item costs and list of scheduled rates
• Project works schedule

O.H.S Management Plan

Scaff-Rig utilises our complete range of products and access equipment including Steel Kiwkstage Scaffolding, Aluminium Kwikstage Scaffolding, Aluminium Frame Scaffolding, Tube and Fit Scaffolding, Spandecks and Layher Scaffolding.

Scaff-Rig also provides its own in house engineering and design and consultation services to provide certified access to AS / NZS 4576, AS / NZS 1576, AS / NZS 1170 and AS / NZS 4100.